All I Need

I'm stuck on a island without another soul.

What could possibly nurture my poor lonesome soul?


{I bring along something of sovereign possibility:

That reveals a universe so large, it has every ability.}


What am I made of? Carbon, H2O, space.

How terrifying, how terrified, is the whole human race.


{I bring along something to show me carbon, H2O, space

But not a single other member of the pitiful human race.}


Although in a moment I will possess the wisdom of eighty years,

Why does the newness of life prompt age-old human fears?


{What I bring is a reminder that my earthly body is a babe:

Eighty years in an existence of an eighty trillion age.}


In the night, each tiny twinkle is a million miles wide,

Hovering in meaningless motion of a carnival ride.


{I bring the best view of the universe humans have evoked:

I bring a humble, manufactured telescope.}

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