All I need is 3D #FoodP*rn

It's said you can live about 3 weeks without it

For me? Not even a second. There's no helping it.

The basic thing we humans can't survive without

You're thinking about it now, there's no doubt.


You go on Instagram and it's all you see

Almost smelling the aroma, your stomach lets out a plea.

You open your fridge and there's nothing good to eat

You prepare to write your will and deplete.


From quesadillas to BBQ, I want it all

From pizza to the great pretzels you get at the mall

To food that will make you spend hours in a bathroom stall

To live without this glory will surely be my downfall.


There's no better match than food and me,

Rather than predator and prey; we are meant to be.

Food should be enjoyed together, don't you agree?

For a Southerner like me, it's all about



and sweet tea.


My first love, food, is all I need. 





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