All Grown up

Do you still remember
The day that God chose me to live forever
The moment when momma told you "We're having a baby girl"
You were so excited, it felt so surreal
Mom decided to keep working even though she was near giving birth
Her water broke, she hurried on to the hospital, she
yelled "god it hurts! "
After a few hours I finally arrived on Earth
But you weren't there, said you were tired from work
At the age of two I became your baby doll
You'd said you would always be my all
Then you began drinking again, you'd get wasted on most nights
And those vicious eyes of yours, they truly brought me fright
You improved throughout time
I was daddy's girl, and we would never fight
You would take me wherever I wanted, a freedom to explore
The museum, art centers, I never questioned why for?
Remember how you'd put me in your arms I'd fall asleep to them, as we watches passing cars
Everything seemed so good, but then my life took a very hard hit
Your phone rang while you were showering, I saw a text, from another woman and that's when my lightbulb lit
You didn't love momma anymore
You had enough of us, you got bored
I didn’t tell her because I felt a tremendous amount of pressure
But my attitude towards you changed, everything of my life changed, what happened to forever.
It's been about a year now that mom knows of your stupid lies
And as I still think of those starry nights
When you used to sing me lullabies
But now everything has changed
But I haven't stopped my daily praise
For a day to be better because I always pretend to be happy and brave
Underneath it all i have a sad and lonsome face
At a turning point of being sixteen, I think am I happy
I think maybe no, yeah I lost my family
Lilo and stitch taught me that our ohanas stay with us til the end
But you are no longer my best friend
But dad i hope you know that in my heart where there are no lies only the truth
If you asked, I'd say I truly miss you.
-Jocelyne Flores

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