All about me

born a baby

cried when i came out of my mother's womb

learned how to walk 

learned how to speak

grew as a child 

kindgarden learning A,B,C

4th grade i was bullied everyday non stop

developed a personality 

became a tomboy  i am not a girly girl

became polite

dreamed of a dream

became a teenage

became a women 

mind matured and body develop

At the age of 15 lost my grandfather

fought life challenges 

8 th grade graduate middle school 

highschool freshmen

drama explored my world 

homework shooting at us like bullets

middle of the year heartbroken by a boy

valentines day i met my BEST FRIEND

end of the year i met a guy



now my boyfriend

junior in highschool 

january got pregnant 

next months ......... finish junior year of highschool 

had my baby girl on july 30,2014

watched as my baby girl suffered from duodenal atresia when she was born

broke up with my boyfriend 

was left heartbroken and sad because my baby girl needed surgery 

baby had surgery :) she was better and was 5 pounds 

senior of highschool  kept my grades up 

went baby shopping with my family 

changed diapers at 1:00am 

graduated highschool with......

honorroll and two scholarships 

watched my baby grow up into a beautiful princess 

celebrated her first Birthday 

smiled every time i heard my baby girl laugh 

watched her learn how to crawl and little by little 

she learned how to walk 

watched her say her first word  "mummy"

my first year in college .....

toughest year ever :(

changed my major  to psychology 

nursing major was stressing me out 

met new people 

watched my baby girl become an artist

drawing on the kitchen walls with permanet marker 

celebrated baby 2nd birthday seame street 

wow second year of college 

currently a sophomore in college 

lost my closest love one ...... 

dealing with this lost so great 

currently trying to kept up with my grades and always 

staying positive no matter what 

sometimes i cry at night because i dont want 

her to see me upset 

i love my baby and i am proud to be a mommy 

a good student 

still a tomboy but enjoying motherhood 

watching my baby girl grow up to be very sneaky, sweet and most amazing person


me i have becomed ......

more mature..


full of life...

full of love ....

i want to be a great mom 

i dream of helping people 

i want to work with toddlers 


and maybe part time yoga teacher  !

i have changed 

for good because not one day of my life 

have i regreted the desicions that i have made 

i love my daughter always will and she is my everlasting 

inspiration, strength, lift and my angel 

she is want makes me who i am 

i dont want to ever change that 

its all about me 

- Emily Cango

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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