Stop holding on, you keep dreaming. I lie awake think my life a mistake but in the end what’s the meaning? The thoughts I build do nothing but destroy, these feelings I have always hiding yet are sought out to be played like a toy.  How can my heart ache when I can’t feel anything, Love is all I need, love is all I want, just one thing. In bed I cry myself to sleep hoping that death may show mercy, the future is pointless what’s the point, I can’t see. My thoughts are murky just as the mud upon my shoes, how I walk through hell and never look back. What do I do? My mind split in more than two. These thoughts they kill me, telling me that’s what I should do. I Love You I miss you, don’t ever let me go. I’m dying here please take me, I’m stuck in my hole. I wait and wait and soon I begin to think, what if it’s all a dream what if there’s nothing to look forward to. My life is torn, each day a thorn, my heart it shreds, my thoughts full of dread, each night a drink, swallow it more so I can't think, these tears I shed, crying in bed, all but the works of life. How much longer can I take this? Each day I walk this earth is another chance another risk. Be safe, don’t let your guard down, the only one that matters is yourself now. Get out and live life, you’ve no other choice. Speak out tell your story, don’t think you won’t have a voice. I’m never alone they say, don’t ever think that. Maybe you’ll be okay one day, I’m sure you’ll love that. I’m different I see, I’m not like the others, you can tell me what you want but it’s my fight so don’t bother. It gets so dark, I feel so alone. Home is where the heart is, well I’ve got no home. It’s time to let go, it’s time to wake up.


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Great rhyming and lyrical feelings and expression rendered superbly wow. Love needs patience. Kudos.

pleez do comment under my newest poem too, comments are not common here but I like meeting via comments.

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