Aliens In My Sandcastle!


How I miss the olden days

Those childish ways are all a haze

When everything was so full of light, color, imagination, creation


I can barely feel the sun burning my skin at the beach

Cause I'm an astronaut today, soaring high, past the sky

Nothing was ever important then

Nothing real and yet I feel the lack of oxygen in my spaceship that had just blasted off


3-2-1 and I'm gone, past the earth moon and sun

I'm one with my imagination

And the real world?

That old thing is too full of confusion

An illusion that I'm trapped in

So I just stay up here in space

While in real life there’s sand in my face

I'm using my ship to dodge meteorites in the darkness of this place


Other kids are building sand castles and they're whack cause they don't even know what they're missing

But it's time to get back

So I pack up my toys yet the noise in my mind won't subside

Cause I'm still there

In my ship

That's about to split

In half 

But I laugh as I send one final blow towards the enemy


I feel like a champ for a minute and I’m so in it that I don’t even realize

In their eyes, I’m not acting civilized, as I scream out alien war cries

All in all it was fun

Well at least that’s how it was when I was young


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