Maybe you and I, we are from the stars

How lost we’ve been

Searching for reasons we feel out of place

Though home always hangs overhead


Normal conversation like Greek

Why can’t we relate. Why can’t we understand.

The word is freak

But its not one you’d choose for me.


Why do the Normals seem like hyenas

Watching with hungry eyes as we try to pretend

A screaming laugh 

greeting a preys attempt to fit in.


We don’t think the same way as they do

Grape vines on electrical wire

Water dancing with fire

But we are always together

Like footsteps, or heartbeats 

always tangled 

Always in time


And if I crashed down from above

I am glad

We found each other in this foreign land

A long journey

But one we took hand in hand


So we look up at the night

At the stars

How lost we’ve been

But how at home we are 

Speaking a language only we know

In each other’s arms


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