Alien Baby

I feel it moving inside of me

My mistake, my blessing, my baby

I wonder if it knows how I feel

If it can feel all of my fear

I should have known better they say

It was all my fault they say

But I was young, thought I was invincible

I'm not so young now

A girl ages fast in those first few months

I was supposed to be carefree this summer

Instead, I couldn't be more tied down

Baby clothes, doctor visits, planning

Trying to see the future, but I can't even see my feet anymore

I am to blame they say

Not realizing that their judgement, assumptions, and sharp words

Hurt me more that this baby ever could

It moves again, almost like an alien

But, I feel the bond

I always thought it was a load of crap

It all changes when you have one inside of you

I wish He could know how this feels

Maybe He wouldn't have been so quick to run

I would have done the same

But, it's too late now; I'm stuck with it

I guess I'll just have to make the best of it

And despite my gripes

I'm starting to love this little alien baby residing inside of me. 

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love this, much respect

Fitzy Marlote

I'm curious as to what she means by "alien baby". Was she ubducted? Or does she have no memory of how, with whom or when she got knocked up?

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