Alchemy of Life

Transforming anything into gold

Is a dream for many

But I wish to have a bouquet of roses

And have every petal be a year

For which I get to wake up 

For days to come with

The hope of a better tomorrow

Through the rain and shine

A rose will be there when I wake

So I can take one and remember

The life that I have is my only one

And remember that I am happy

And remember that I have a family

And remember that I have an entire day

To do great things

To form memories that will last forever

Becuase of a rose that I see 

Allowing me to know that I have a true gift

One that does not have gold and wealth

But one that has a heart and blood and lungs

A body that allows me to wake up

And mind that allows me to read and write

But most important, a soul that allows me to 




This poem is about: 
My family


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