This is the sound of life.

Wondrous mysteries await!

The wind is whispering,

Speak loudly so I might learn of your secrets!

Quickly, we must go.

The sun is summoning us from this cage,

Freedom is just beyond the horizon!




The alarm sounds.

Such dreary chiming beckons me

Back to the world of the living.


This plane of existence, rather. 

It is such an unforgiving expedition.

The wind is howling.

Speak softly, so that your sins may go unnoticed. 

May I stay?

The sun stands behind the veil

Watching, waiting, wanting.

I can not face him.

For in this refuge I have found the truth,

Freedom has never truly existed.




Wait, which way was the horizon?

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For all who have found themselves suddenly awake and realizing the world is much different than they imagined it as kids.

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