Aladdin vs a Whole new World Self Love


37° 46' 44.814" S, 144° 49' 25.0608" E

A whole new world a new fantasic point of view, 

a magic carpet I never knew that flew,

No one to tells us no and where to go,

I never seen that view from here whoa!

A whole new world with a new pair of eyes,

and I never knew I had the strength to rise,

I was here beneath the blue skies,

trying to realize all those dream flying through my eyes.

Growing up i thought being rich was all, 

Until i learned to ditch 

Ditching the rich made me realize, 

I had the strength to make myself a prize

A world new world a new fantasic point of you

where i actually never need you!

A whole new world where i knew i need to started loving me, 

where i never needed having she.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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