so the time is finally here

the spotlight shines down on your hot face

your sweating

your stomach tight with anxiety

Oh My God

i finally did it

finally made it

itll be okay

its actually gonna be okay 


and then


nope sorry 7 grand short


that cant be right

i did everything right 

well oh well sorry sweetheart just aint gonna happen this year


im registered

got all the classes i want

i got my pens, notebooks, and bag

im ready

i can do this


and you call the bank over and over and every road block that could ever exist is becoming heavier and heavier and its surrounding you crushing you pushing you down and you cant breathe


I cant breathe

the sobs come from so deep

my soul shattering itself

my heart screaming


cause i cant breathe

im so close

now everything ive ever cared about  everything i have ever wanted  all those days working my bone to the grind so that they have turn to dust just as my very existance seems to be so easily disposable- no brooms necassary

just a NO. Just 7 thousand dollars. No 7 or 700 but 7000. 

I funded the other 14 thousand dollars. 

and i still cant breathe

the weight the pressure the shame

u work hard because its what you believe in its what makes you who you are it makes you strong and powerful and now all of that energy all of the pain and suffering that pushed you be here where you are now 

and you need more than 7 grand

you need AIR

you need to breathe in deep and rise from under the NO's

you need fight

you need to get back on your feet and get the money

because you can NOT and will NOT be chased away by 7 measly grand

this is your life

this is your dream

i will get and education

i will be the first with a bacheralors in my family 


first i just need some Air


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