Aint Worth A Quarter

I spent my time miserly,

Counting the minutes like quarters

You weren’t worth a minute then,

I was jealous of my time, spent it alone

Who better than me? No one

I can’t be the one to share, I can’t

You left, when you saw I was

Nothing you dreamed of, your hopes

Soured like the milk in the fridge

I can’t be bothered to try

To repair all that was broken, just get a new model

They are cheaper these days I heard


Time is money, money is time

Well spent, in the dark of night

Whispering alone to your cigarette

I came in alone, I will die alone, and I need nothing

From you, it is as God intended

I am sorry your not written in my future

The past isn’t well remembered

I don’t regret a minute

You regret all. 


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