aint no step daddy this way

i damn sure aint gon be no step daddy

hell nah the fuck you think this is?

aint no charity case this way

i see them games that you play

you got me fucked up thinkin ima take care of some other niggas problem

cause i aint got me no kids thank you lord i dont got em

sittin over there mad at yo baby dad cause he did you wrong

when most likely you knew he was cheating all along

well thats yo fault for stickin around

while he fuckin other bitches on all sides a town

then come home and lick you up and down

so you expect me to give up my goals and dreams for yo kid to come in between

that shit aint gon happen you must be in some fantasy dream

better wake yo ass up

you can miss me wit all that might as well fall back cause all yo shit sound all outta wack

id rather have my own family with a stable home and enviornment

aint bout that step daddy life and i damn sure aint tryin it

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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