Fri, 11/28/2014 - 23:24 -- Leyoht

Happy birthday to you—

Your son's seventeen

And he knows how to drive.

Do you feel old yet?


Happy birthday to you—

Mark Hamill has a beard.

He's older than his "father."

How's that make you feel?


Happy birthday to you—

One name: Michael Bay.

Transformers and turtles

Are ruined for you.


Happy birthday to you—

You've lost all your hair.

Oh boy! What a conundrum.

Just look at your kids!


Happy birthday to you—

Atari is dead.

The guy who made Zelda is nearing retirement.

And Capcom is screwed.


I have one last thing;

I'll tell it to you:

Your parents are sixty

And I have to shave.

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