agape love

loving the unloving

loving the ugly people

loving the rude people

God molds us to rejoice with agape love

life is full of trials & tribulations

the trials is full of questions searching for answers that encompasses the truth

the tribulations is exalted with physical hardships that fills up suffering & distress so profound that it feels like the glass is fully harden

God ends the trials & tribulations with perseverance

the patience that embodies the transformation of tolerance 

so much it will faithfully lead to triumph

all thanks to you Lord

the unification of Jesus & God become one

the King of Kings

where sin abounded 

grace abounded much more

sin reigns in death

even more so

grace reigns in righteousness to eternal life through Christ Jesus

when my time is up in this world

i'll make sure to take my love, my faith, my hope & especially my agape love to love everyone in heaven where love have no limits

This poem is about: 
Our world


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