Against All Odds

Wed, 01/04/2017 - 12:28 -- Reggie



I am from the Garden State.

From the city full of violence, gangs, and drugs;

Criminals competing to become frauds and thugs.

The competition created by the innovation of the city.

I look at my sacred sanctuary as a second home.

A second home where I pray for hope and opportunity.

When opportunity knocks, build a door.

The humble beast, against all odds,

Though, through tough circumstance, always remains humble.

I am from risking everything you love with the hope of doubling up.

As time progressed, the ones around me began to change.

As the wind blew, the leaves began to became weak and began to fall.

The tree remains strong and stands tall.

I am from the city where growing up, I want it all.

Not the materialistic items you would buy off of the internet or in a mall,

But the things like love and care,

The items individuals take for granted and do not always get to see at all.

My mom encourages me to change my behavior

unless I want to grow up selling burgers and fries.

She says, “Boy, I am not going to tell you again; A word is enough for the wise”.

I am from the city where the cultural diversity of the city influences the food and fashion.

From the sweet, smell of empanadas to the delicious tasting pizza…

I am from the city of New Brunswick.  


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