Joey Diaz
2950s Pine Valley ave Ontario CA, 91761
United States
34° 1' 11.2512" N, 117° 35' 34.0944" W


As a kid I was Quicker’ faster’ and stronger Than the rest of flesh! Of all but in all. I Loved the best, please ask the rest! And i Gave the most please ask the rest" when I Had to share' i took care' of such thing, I was Not rare. But been fare, now I see’ how they All dare” to not be there” Not one pair’ or one Alone’ thought of me, as if you don't see my Misery” never did i ever past and saw you last. Please ask another life. Or stand there and Wait to be told. How could I have not seen' The signs, if they were written in sounds of Silence alone. And probably i should have Notice, but i was to be see' not paying Attention to my life lesson. That all this time They were carved in cold stone. ...all life” All of us..billions of them. And I rest. Dead with not one friend..


This poem is about: 
My family
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