Fri, 01/10/2020 - 22:43 -- MaStow


Isn't that what we are?

all of us,


Abused, Stereotyped, Misuderstood,

Judged, Robbed, Betrayed.

Loved, Chosen, Related, 

Respected, Wanted, Admired.

Which of these are you?

Each one of us loved by other humans

hated by other humans.

We all hate other humans 

and love other humans.

We all hurt and are hurt by others. 

If we are all humans

Let us support not just women

not just men

not just whites

not just colored people

not just the homeless

not just the wealthy

not just homosexuals 

not just heterosexuals 

not just US citizens

not just legal immigrants.

Let's support the human race. 


Aren't we all? 

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My community
My country
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