She told herself

 “No, I won’t fall in love again”

“No, I won’t let anyone break me again”

She had been hurt, unappreciated, and made to feel worthless

You could see the hurt in her big brown eyes

Her tears fell like white, crystal icicles

But they felt like warm water and tasted like salt

Her diminutive hands formed fists

She began to shake with enmity

But she wiped her hot tears off her face

And promised she would never let anyone make her feel that way

                        But then she met you…

                        You showed her that she could be appreciated

                        You showed her patience and kindness

                        You showed her something she never had

                        She began to ask herself, “Is this real?”

                        “Am I falling in love again?”

                        She didn’t want to go back to her past

                        But you made her feel like it would last

                        You made her happy

                        You helped her grow

You appreciated everything about her

You never hurt her

Most importantly, you loved her

You changed her mind

And she was able to fall in love again








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