The aftermath of You | Spoken Word Poem

Absentee and missing in action yet you my father are not in the military. I see you a soldier but only because you have been A-wall. Now here i am fighting this war alone entering enemy lines as if care was non existent, and who to blame but the commander in chief MIA leaving a daughter in grief without question or answer treading my way though life with what you left me incurable. cancer. No therapy. No cure. Signs of help hanging but none lured. Words spill to catch tears from trailing but for some reason my lungs are failing. Yet i deny the emotion my own skin tells i believe no one not even myself. I refuse to accept that once more i have allowed you to hurt me. Prior i vowed you non existence would not disturb me. Lies from within my own lips, slapped out through tongue and teeth. Rejecting the help i once seek. fighting the battle by choice not force to prove to you what staying was worth.


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