I found myself lost, wavering, and


of the monster inside my mind.


It’s an afterimage, a blur, something that I cannot see.

I flee from the thought

Starting on a journey of pleasure and lust, anything to distract me from it.

Yet I find myself staring at it once again.

Was it always here, had it ever left?


I find myself wandering and wondering alone without anything in mind, yet I came across an answer.


I found society, secretive and tenacious, it’s uncanny almost.


An uncontrollable and unstable


of the modern world; constricted into a form, forced into my mind where it followed and judged.


This current world, molded into a biased figure that follows the ones who defied it’s rules.

A drowning figure, pushed to the brink and held;

our current society, our current world.

We are in a state of crisis without a haven, yet no one looks, no one notices.


And all around us, animals are changing and evolving


and humans cannot do anything...


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