After the Storm

It starts with a storm

The clouds looming above, the flashes of lightning,

The pouring rain, and the rainbow that follows

The lightning hit when she was rushed to the ER because her heart stopped

The thunder followed when I was told that she was a victim of self-harm and anorexia.

The rain poured for months, distorting my view of reality

I repeatedly asked myself if I could’ve stopped her from reaching for the blade,

If I wasn’t smart enough to see through her lies to avoid meals


However, as the rain poured down, new seeds were planted,

And I started to weed the garden

The storm led to the rainbow, when I started working with others like her

The storm carved me, and I used it to carve my own masterpiece

The beautiful women taught me acceptance of any and all viewpoints

Regardless of how outrageous they may be

They taught me inexorable work ethic and perseverance

But most importantly, they taught me unconditional love and understanding


Only at the practice could I have a completely normal conversation

With someone about their scars and how they came about each one

Nowhere else do teenage girls recount their suicide attempts to a stranger

Or take the time to try to explain to me the relief they get when they put down the blade when the cutting is over.

It’s the only place where I can attempt to understand a teenager’s desire to want to confine to the media’s portrayal of women and society’s expectations of perfection.

It’s where I can say I helped an adolescent became strong enough to come forward and get the help she needed.

No social boundaries, no class distinctions.

Any room is the same as the one next-door.


These breathtaking women encouraged me to choose service

And realize that true gratification doesn’t lie in a paycheck

Serving these women as a mentor, helper, and friend

Allowed me to find happiness in being there for people when they needed me

The storm made me choose to spend my life serving others

And I hope that one day,

My beautiful women will find as much happiness

As serving them brings me. 




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