After the Storm

After the storm

After the dark storm-after the whistling winds;

After the grey clouds, ominously huddled together,

Below a patron; Many patrons curiously stretched their necks

Tending in a careless flow-sounds of the clouds,

Rushed in a whirling current, covering where the hot sun lay,

Larger than smaller clouds,

And with a crack they opened and the sun fell through

Slow at first, then plummeting to the wet ground.

Guide that inspired this poem: 



My favorite part about this poem is that you think you are reading about a storm,

but the storm is really a young boy who has found himself. When he mannages to gather

the strength and come out, and be who he belives he is, people were quick to judge.

The sun is powerful, and he saw that, and through his storm, he managed to shine through

the dark times, and made a break for all he believed in. He made it to that place and he is


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