after hours

Wed, 12/19/2018 - 10:01 -- jacobi





After hours

In the dark , concrete jungle

Lit only by neon and the embers of my medicine

Cheap thrills and saturated mind

My eyes are red, my vision blurry

Promise me you’ll come in a hurry


Pick up your phone, i know you’re home and alone

No one is here

Just me and my thoughts

And my thoughts are of you


I hear you knocking

I open the door, and i’m instantly revived

But i need more

More than just looking

I have to experience you

And all your tragic glory


I want to read your mind

And caress your soul


Follow me

Put this on your tongue

Let it dissolve

And decay with me


We’re the same

Chemical thrill seekers with minds that manifest all we’ve ever wanted

Your vibration is like mine


Sad but sweet


Far from perfect, yet you feel so amazing


It’s kicking in , and you’ve never looked so angelic

We’re flying high

In the clouds

After hours we come alive


Nocturnal and eternal

We exchange energies

Lovers and brothers of dreams

Rip me apart at the seams

I do tend to go to extremes


Lay it all out on the table

Prepare our feast

You’re the reason, i’m not dead to say the least


I say i’m not dead

Yet i can’t bear the static in my head

But this is only in the daytime

For the night is my friend


Trust me when i say, you can’t trust me, but please stay

In the morning we won’t remember, but we’ll fiend for the night again


When i wake, i’ll think of the pain

Wake and bake, then it goes away

Morning head, that’s enough said

Explore me and i’ll explore you

Ancient relics from lovers before

Couldn't scare me away

Twentieth century whore


In the day, i’ll shake and pace, longing to see your midnight face

When i blink, i’m reminded of you

Eyes closed, heart open

Temperature increases , blood rises

To the places you’ve claimed as yours


Angelic desires, demonic dreams

Vampiric love, rip me apart at the seams


After hours is ours


My meaning is midnight


My demeanor is cutthroat


Cut ourselves open just to stay afloat


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