after the end of the world


New York
United States

(ok settle down settle down

take a look around take a look around

doesn't life feel like a movie and you're just an extra in the background?

i'm feeling out of place in outer space i must be running out of time

but my inner conscious told me take a deep breath

and i'll be just fine

so now i'm steady vibing

i'm steady rising

i close my eyes and now i'm analyzing

my surrounding and it's atonishing matter fact nah it's embarrassing

how we are living in a society that's drenched in

terrorizing demonizing desensitizing the human mind

when earth been providing since the dawn of time

we aren't realizing our dna is rising

a new age is on the horizon

for those who are awaken by constant vibration

just follow your intuition

until the universe welcomes in

a gratifying exhilarating unifying way to be living

so if you understand you'll innerstand that you should overstand

that the evils that be

will be nothing past your imagination

as far as you can see

so forget history

it was never his

so let's write our own story

cause it's after the end of the world

don't you know that yet?)


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