After all

They have told me that time heals wounds,
I accept any metaphor involving the soul,
but the wound has healed and has dried
I found you in a part of me,
because your love went away and
returned a new one that enveloped my being to exhaustion.
I don't know what happened to you
if you dry your tears because mine never dry
frustrates me pain frustrates me love why it is so complicated but is love.
once they told me that survive means love yourself
first every day trying to survive,
I have not forgotten that every being loved is human
as I am.

I have not forgotten when every being came to me
and well as came it has been gone I try to love
and when I do I try with all my being.
Time deception was my worst enemy
once told me that will delete you
and it did not and so when I get the tide of love
returning back I decided not to have that damn time and instant,I decided to love who I did not want of course
that I noticed first who would be.



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