People don’t seem to know

They never seem to understand

All the pain I refuse to show

When I hold a little brown hand


I see the pain in their eyes

Surviving from day to day

And see how hard their mom tries

And tries to wash all the fear away


Africa is the place I long to see

See all those smiling faces who want to be

Be something greater than themselves every day

Day in and day out they struggle to survive

Survive the starvation and fear

Fear that they won’t make it one more day


When they question it, they don’t understand

Understand that they want to live here

Here is not such a great place to be

Be mugged, be raped, and be mocked

Mocked for being who you are

Are you going to take a stand?

Stand up and fight for what’s right


They don’t deserve to live a life of poverty

Poverty that consumes them whole

Whole lives are wasted wanting more

More is the definition of here

Here we want what we want and we get it

It breaks my heart to see this

This is unacceptable.


When there are starving children

Children lying in the streets

Streets that are swimming with bad guys

Guys who take what they want

Want? This girl needs a savior to save her

Her life has been filled with turmoil

Turmoil has soiled her dreams

Dreams to be a teacher, a mother, a lover








She’s been through so much horror

Horror of being raped and sold

Sold to a man to get her education

Education she needs for life

Life is so precious to her

Her savior will come

Come in riding on a white horse


Christ had a reason to put her in this place

Place her in such a terrible home from the start

Start listening to what she has to say

Say she will how her life was changed

Changed everyone will be when they hear

Hear the love of Christ through her story


A new home built from the roots

Roots of Christ, strength, and love

Love that grows these children up

Up to be compassionate and kind


An orphanage we will build

Build them a sanctuary to love

Love life to the fullest every day

Day in and day out thanking God


We rescued them from a life of pain

Pain that any of us would take

Take away so their bodies could be free

Free to worship Christ


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