Advice from the Top

I want everything to be awesome,

I want my loved one to be handsome,

My education to be wholesome,

My life to be effortless.


I never give up, I always go further,

Because every winner is determined and focused,

I am so resilient, positive, and creative,

But you ask me for advice, patiently waiting.


When you are a college kid, life seems too hard,

You have all these options, but where do you start?

Seems like getting in loans does not sound so pleasant,

As working as a waiter, getting paid as a peasant.


To love or to hate, to save or to break,

To find or to lose, you don’t know what to choose,

To come early or late, to sit or to stand,

To dance or to sing, and when to begin?


Always remember that this is your life,

No matter how hard you have to try,

No matter what people are talking about you,

No matter how much did they ever doubt you.


If you don’t have enough money, then go get a job,

Get a college degree and you will get to the top,

If you want to be confident, step out of your comfort zone,

If you want to be smart, read, don’t play games on your smartphone.


It sounds scary, but you need to realize

That You are the creator of your future life,

Forgive yourself for mistakes in the past,

And focus on happiness that is able to last.


I won’t talk much more, as I don’t want to bore you,

I want you to believe in yourself, and I assure you,

If you work hard, act honestly, and believe in your strengths,

You can build your own awesome experiences.

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Our world


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