Advice From My Mother (everything a mother must teach her daughter)

You must never speak when spoken to,

speak when the words are on your lips.

You will find a way to make them listen.

Do not do things sometimes,

it should be always

or never, like

always keep your chin in the air

but never your nose

you are much more grounded than that.

Learn to break midnight park silence with your shattered bottles,

create your own night sky,

sit amongst your star glittering shrapnel until the sun kisses the horizon.

Blush, knowing this beauty is too intimate to bear witness to

even though you know that the sun’s true love is the moon

he is forever chasing her crescent smile.

Always smile.

Even at the ones who cock their gun at you,

and there will be ones who will cock their guns at you.

Some will take shots

that look like Slut

that look like Ugly

that look like Loser

that look like Fat, Snob, Bitch, Prude.

Learn that you do not need a shield.

A shield simply deflects,

it sends the shot back at its owner

and you, sweetheart, are so much better than that.

Learn to catch bullets with your bare hands

drop them in a pile by your feet,

you can bury them later.

Water them

but not with your tears, never with your tears darling.

Your tears are pearls.

String them, wear the necklace proudly

or else bottle them and auction them off.

You are worth millions,

never sell yourself for anything less.

Your tree will grow twisted

and knurled in pain, it will not look pretty,

it was born a thousand years old

but do not let the willows weep for it

it will bud beautifully

it will produce the sweetest fruit you have ever tasted.

Don’t forget to share.

Pluck the flowers and feed them to the open mouthed

graves of all the people you don’t know,

all the ones you never met.

Thank them

for making today what it is.

Lay with your ear in the dirt

swear you can hear the earth’s heartbeat,

swear it sounds just like your name.

Your veins are kite strings,

do not be afraid to fly them to the moon.

Walk barefoot so you can feel

how the heavy pulse of summer feels identical to your own,

learn to sail on its hot breath.

Never sing under your breath,

it is far too easy to lose your voice

if you are burying it.

Never stop asking questions,

but don’t be afraid to look for some of the answers yourself.

Never forget to dance.

Never let your dress keep you

From jumping in puddles,

the hem will get wet

don’t let it weigh you down.

It’s okay to get dirty,

you are a storm,

you can bathe in the rain.

You mustn’t be too ashamed to flash the lightning.

Open your legs like a map,

like a scavenger hunt to your heart,

there will be boys in your life

that will crash over your shoreline at high tide

and pull you out to sea

while you tumble head over heels over heels over elbows and knees over head

in love.

Never forget how to swim.

You can’t laugh without taking in water, but you will try.

Understand that there are things in this world

even Mother Nature cannot teach her daughter,

there are some lessons in this life

you will have to learn on your own.


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