The Adventures Of A Warrior

Fragrant wild roses, surrounded by Photinia hedge,

Daylight sprinkle evenly on the ground,  

Mud particles with yellowish brown colour,

The southeast of the mud,

Faintly visible a vast expanse of cover,

The "unknown domain" was covered a mysterious veil by fog,

Blurred the knight's sight, doubt, thought and judgment,

After a long trek……

Dark areas finally show up,

See, the forest——

Holly, sycamore, black wattle, Pinus massoniana straight into the sky,

Broken-winged dragonflies scattered on the ground,

Sporadically dotted the already yellow leaves "carpet",

Become the lifelike specimens "ornament",

Natural ecosystem subtleties that-

Rotten leaves are fertilizer of soil,

Raising roots to grow new leaves,

Messy disorderly branches towering, slender intertwined,

Such as knitting, embroidery, paintings of the abstract school,

As meticulous as the hive, or, like the walled city,

Like nature itself, full of greenery,

The extraordinary as if done by the spirits of nature amazed knight,

Leaves, branches, dragonflies, arthropods - insects,

All as before, the cycle of life,

The border of ancient world and secular civilization,

Good things as gushing springs,

To display Rafael's artistic style,

To reaching the realm of perfection,

Dawn soft sunlight through the leaves gap,

Desultorily spilled on,

The land covered with dead leaves and dragonflies’ bodies,

Knight’s corner of eyes stung by white light,

Four Leaf Clover crystal necklace shining over there,

B\A\L\L letters separately engraved on the four leaf flap,


See, the Carved agalloch box,

The box has 4 pieces of Tarot Cards,



*Tarot Card*-①-{Beauty & Fascination}

“Narcissus's reflection in the spring”--&


She has the bud-like lips,

Like a plump rose,  

Vividly blooms on her thin face,

Gazelle-like eyes large and docile,

Painted chic smoky makeup,

She is very thin, but has delicate\full breasts,

Her voice is like a banshee the charm of Bel Canto,

The melody is from deep sea,

Or somewhere unknown virgin land.


*Tarot Card*-②-{Aging & Fear}

“Old Gypsy woman...... And the withered lilies”--*


Chapped skin exudes a dull smell,

Her skin, especially her skin,

Highlights the crisscross pleating,

Color shades of brown spots,

As if wild mushroom’s spots unevenly distributed on epidermis,

Her soul is old, so old,

Vicissitudes as fossil texture,

Shedding of gray hair,

Aging...... Day by day aging.


*Tarot Card*-③-{Fang Spring}

“Lovely expression of a beautiful woman in painting~and vase”--#


Vision in mind——such as“Caves, sea anemones, sponges, fog”,

Such as aromatic fountain,

As if flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum,

The deep mind, dark clouds,

To overlap and bearing the missing.


*Tarot Card*-④-{Love & Reincarnation & Fame}

“Cupid's arrow”--@


Cupid's olive branch - Grants “wisdom, courage, persistence, blessing”,

Eternal lover——The tree of hope,

Grim forces of darkness——The snakes entrench in the forbidden tree,

Sophia’s kiss, and blue moon,

The gray dust, a pair of blue eyes,

Love, L'Amore, amavi-, L'amour,

The storm of love has swept the ration, you are mine-

----“Is the first night of Eve’s pearl tears”.


Argot“Use life to bloom,

       Free to sacrifice,

       Spirit to win,

       Soul to save,

                                  Which card is your only option?”

The knight“No. 4”~

Silver lights



(Crystalline jade fat, a insect imprisoned in the gem,

The Sun baked, record the age of old trees,

Insect’s last throb,

Is fixed in dripping resin,

The birth of rare treasures,

Is not the accumulation of time,

But cast a moment of eternity,

Unfading amber,

The probability of a myriad of coincidence,

God's masterpiece, the works of Art,

The old ancestors buried in a transparent coffin,

Sweet suffocation, wrapped in jade fat,

Your silent groan, surrender to the choice of fate,

The body in this life turned into an animal specimen,

Lonely soul waiting for reincarnation,

Forty million years of time,

A grain of corn in the wide sea of time,

A geologist with an insect soul,

Across the Amazon River,

Listen to the mysterious call of the tropical rain forest,

Looking for another "self" lived forty million years ago,

Ancient wisdom, persistence cannot be touched,

Long nights dream, toss and turn in insomnia,

The eternal time, redirect dramatic coincidence,

Clear eyes, as tears the insect dripped in amber,

Emotionally joy, a miracle of reviving an old dream,

The time is recorded on the title page of the book,

Pre-existence sticky trap,

Into the afterlife voice and expression,

The focus of the exhibition spotlight,

Combination of jade and insect,

Be submerged in the vortex of people,

In a quiet, hot summer night,

Time back to forty million years ago,

The naughty insect greedily sucked the juice of leaf,

Rubbed its wings, not aware of the fate of waiting for it,

A dark and rainy night,

The rain blurred all eyes,

The 37-year-old geologist died in a car crash,

The cycle of the tragic fate,

When the soul eyes gaze at each other,

Encounter with the "old" self,

Tears fall silently,

Such as resin, also such as rain——

The arrangement of fate,

Is a pertinacious goose quill in demiurge's hand,

Silent coincidences, become another symbol of historical age.)


Rococo decoration noticeably strike the eyes,

Sweet and tender shells,

And ornate stone,

As if to see the return of fairy from the garden of the Nile,

With light toes,

Dancing “Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy”,

And fragrant angels from Sardinia、Capri of Mediterranean Sea,

The spread of Egypt fruit、Summer Jasmine - flower basket,

The knight was awakened by the soft light of dawn,

Lonely dandelion,

Falling on the undeveloped soul-land,

Like the illusion of early morning mist,

True as stick strikes,

Simple and hidden,

At the moment cut through the knight’s psychological skin,

Is also a way to eliminate the emptiness of the soul,


The phantom of Prague square,

A kiss in the midnight dream,

Gray dust,

A pair of blue blue eyes,


Lily-like skin,

Old rosemary angel’s soul,

When I stare at your sapphire-like eyes,

I found my answer -

Everything, everything are all that,

“narcissus’ reflection in the spring,

The reverie of the beautiful Venus de Milo,

Deep sea Mermaid bel canto of her voice charms,

The inspiration of the poet granted by Muse”,

The knight will surly go through a long Nirvana and growing,

Until the end of time...



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