Adults Can Bully Too

Adults Can Bully Too


I’ve never had many friends.

No one to play pretend.

Only a handful of acquaintances.

I was never good enough.

Had the craving to be what society claimed as “cool”

But I was left out of the crew.

So much can happen in school.

Laughed at and booed.

Shoved and shooed.

Left in the corner

Alone, no shoulder.

Nothing to do.

Little girls are mean

But adults can be too.


My own personal tyrant

Hiding behind social media

Behind a cell phone screen.

That’s not how mothers should be.

“I wish you were never my daughter”

“You brat!”

“You’re not smart enough to succeed.”

She still wonders why I ran to my father.

I felt alone with no mother.


She was my anchor.

My goddess from Greece.

Keeping me grounded.

She was my deity.

Till she dragged me by my heart.

If this is love, I want none.

I looked up to her

Like I look up to the sun.

But she is a black cloud that follows me around.

I have nowhere to run

No shelter to hide.

Because when my phone alerts

It’s her again

And she knows where to strike,

She knows where it hurts.

But I am the bigger person

I have no fault.

It's the ignorant people who need to be taught.

They don't realize what they do is wrong

Though that's no excuse

For their actions.

They need to be repremanded,

They need to be taught a lesson. 


Amber Fernandez

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