Mon, 05/20/2019 - 02:35 -- knaysee

I’m grown 

I gotta live life on my own

I have my own house 

That I own

Adulting is what I need to learn

From whom? 

Did my life prepare me for the doom

Of debt and student loans

Maybe one day I’ll own a home

Not just rent

And pay back what was lent

Is this hole too deep 

Or just shallow to the feet

I’ve waited for this moment

To be independent 

The greatest gift but worst treasure

The pleasure of loneliness in cold cold weather

Adulting is not emptiness 

It’s handling business

Time to trade my dolls

For dogs

Being grown is inevitable 

But being alone isn’t 

Value every second

Make it time well spent

I once wished to grow old

I’m sure I’ll wish to grow young

When my teeth are rotten 

And I’m left with gums


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