Listen, I have a lovely wife and two children.
And I’m happily married.
You have a wealthy husband.
So what else do you want?

I don’t want you to destroy my life,
Neither do I want to complicate yours.
Stop fooling around with me!
I certainly don’t need a fling at this time.

If you’re unhappy in your marriage,
That’s not my concern.
Whatever you're thinking, drop it now!
You must honour the vows that you made.

I don't want your money, honey.
You can keep your big house.
And keep your convertible BMW.
I think you’re going too far with this.

Take your hands off me, adulteress!
We shouldn't be having this conversation.
I shan't let you seduce me.
Please don’t give me the eye.

Yes, you have an attractive physique.
And you’re a smart woman.
In fact, most men would love you.
But I’m not going to play this hurtful game.

If you and I were single and free,
Perhaps we'd make a fine couple.
I’m not anxious to get in bed with you.
My wife is sexy enough for me.

Take my advice, sweetheart.
Go home to your family.
Stop trying to steal another woman’s man.
Adultery is a sin, so they say.


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