Eleven years old taking on the world.

Eager to impress, she's just a girl.

One night, the same as any other.

The only one aware, her loving mother.


It takes her wholly, body and mind.

She's unsure why God's been unkind. 

Shaking every day, in the morning and at night.

She starts losing spirit, gives up the fight.


Kids at school bully,

they treat her so cruelly.

She gives up acting 

Her seizures are distracting.


She won't turn to God,

what beliefs she had have been flawed.

Others say they'll pray

but she wishes they'd all go away.


Surgery is the only solution

for her seizures to come to their resolution.

Fifty percent chance of a normal life,

Fifty percent chance of woe and strife.


She's ready for it now and here.

She's grown so much in this past year.

Her family's proud of how strong she's been,

And we all support her to the end. 





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