Pitch black darkness living in the insides of the house, 

its residents unknowingly trapped, enclosed, 

with something lurking in its core. 

Scheming and devilishly cackling, 

she will haunt the people who dared to come in her home, 

and make them wish they were never born... 


Thump! Thump! Thump!  

The muffled sound echoed through the silent night, 

quietly climbing up the wooden supports and old plaster. 


The noise disturbed my peaceful dreams. 

Eyelids flashing open wide, I grabbed the blankets a little tighter and 


The p-p-pounding of my heart hurt my chest 

as my breathing was becoming a whiplashing tree in a storm. 

The thumping was near, 

it was close. 

I could sense its evocative being stir the stale air behind me. 

It was in my room. 


My knuckles gripped the blankets even tighter, 

so that they became frozen white. 

And I tried to tame the whirling, whirling, whirling fears 

racing in my mind. 

I trembled within the covers, petrified with fear. 

My eyes burned, struggling to keep the tears in 

as I slowly turned my head, 

afraid of what I may find, 

on the other side of the bed. 



It was her 

who stood in the moonlit room. 

Hidden in the shadows of the curtain swaying in the night breeze 

next to the little open window. 


But something was wrong.  

She faced the hairline cracked paint of the walls, 

droning her head into the callous surface in a eerie pulsating beat.  

Thump! Thump! Thump! 

My head sunk lower, under the safe solitude of my bed sheets, 

scared to death and wishing I could wake up from this hellish nightmare. 

But she heard the ruffling of the covers, 

and stopped her pounding abruptly. 


Many seconds passed by as we both froze in silence. 

Me, too ossified to say a word, 

until my last strand of confidence 

spoke the one word 

I would forever regret. 



An immediate response to my voice. 

Painful cracking sounds popped and snapped 

as she suddenly jerked her head around violently, 

without even a twitch of movement  

from the rest of her body. 


I sharply vacuumed a short breath of air in my squeezing lungs  

once I met her gaze. 

But, how could have I met her gaze, 

when her eyeballs have been clawed out? 

With only empty, blood red, dripping sockets left to look into 

and a frozen wide grin, 

unnaturally baring her diseased fangs.  

Like a monster 

smirking at its helpless prey 

before it dies. 


I shrieked, pleading for 



to save me from my mother. 


No answer. 


Mother unhinged her jaw, 

and let out a terrifying, high-pitched laugh. 

A laugh for my suffering,  

my fear, 

my vulnerable self. 

She was mocking me.  


My cold bones shook as her roar bounced  

against the hurting insides of my throat.  

Thoughts scrambled, 

Numbing fear, 

Goosebumps icing my skin, 

Seeing with a horrid realization, 

something was killing away the Mother I knew. 

And lurking inside the dead corpse, 

was an evil spirit. 


Mother's everlasting howl rang my ears 

as she scattered wildly up the wall, 

flinging her limbs in abnormal directions, 

skittering up like a running spider. 

Crawling upside-down on the ceiling 






To me. 


She halted right above me, 

her drooling foam  

escaping the sides of her lips, 

dripping down into my eyes. 


I could feel the singing saliva  

sizzling and eating away my pupils, 

blurring my vision. 

But, I could not make myself move, 

too scared to know  

what was happening, 

what to do. 


All I could do was stare into her lifeless face, 

and not recalling that she was my beautiful and loving parent, 

just the day before. 


Then my possessed Mother took one last glance at me 

before shoving her hand and arm 

elbow deep  

down her esophagus,  

still laughing in a hungry excitement, 

only to find what she was looking for; 

a tarnished silver dagger. 

She gagged her arm out of her mouth, 

holding the already bloody weapon  

in her grasp. 


Thirstily looking back and forth between 


and the knife,  

Mother gave one last chuckle  

and pounced off the ceiling. 


Before I could react, 

Mother had both hands forcing death into my body, 

with her frigid cold blade of black magic. 


I could feel my last remnants of life 

draining from my body 

when she breathily whispered into my ear, 





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