Adolescent Lesson

Sat, 01/11/2014 - 16:41 -- amvoss


The hoodie peeked through the closet fold-

The one that changed his life.

Wanting to relive our innocence,

I pulled the box of notes and photos

And found his last letter.

His stress shown through this time

And the absence of love proved true.

He told me of his loneliness, but I never believed

Just how much he needed me-

Or anyone.

All he wanted was my ear

But I was too busy “fitting in”.

He begged for my attention

But I’d rather steal clothes with cool kids.

He desired a friend.


I was too busy conquering the world.

If I had been his friend like he was for me,

I’d still have a laugh to share.

I should have stayed with him

Instead of taking the hoodie I had not earned.

I’d have more.

His classroom chair wouldn’t be empty

And I wouldn’t have that worthless hoodie.


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