In Admiration of the Starry Night

In the darkest of days,In the loneliest of nights,When the Sailor is lost at sea,The Northern Star is his guide, his hope. In the cataclysmic oceans, the Sailor is thrown against a typhoonAnd as the Cepheus crashes against the vigorous vitality of the sea,The Sailor turns himself towards the harmonious Heavens, shouting“O great Polaris! Guide me unto my destiny! Take me away from this wreckage! Guide me O bright beautiful Light! Show me unto thy heart! The sea hath come for me…” The maelstrom of the sea has come, pulling the sailor into the deep dark trenches.Oh how the stubborn Sailor climbed, climbed the mast of the sinking ship!How he edged himself closer and closer to Polaris, his truest love.The Sun began to rise in the east, and the night began to fadePolaris was disappearing, dimming away and the Cepheus…Only the mast and the somber, sunken Sailor was visible Grasping the mangled mast with all his might,He threw his hand out towards Polaris!“Oh my lovely Star! Will not thee help thine?I has't hath spent mine life chasing after thee.And I, fayne, give up all for Thee...” His hand visible, points towards the stars,The Sun, as it dawns on the Horizon,Begins to draw Polaris away,And the Sailor,The Cepheus,Are gone. 

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