I’m done with these labels.
Break down the cradle.
I’m not your baby girl anymore.
Love is an open door,
But you kept it closed tight,
Never wanted me to see the light.
I took my chance when I had it,
Stole it from your grasp, I snatched it. 
No, I’m not gonna give it back ‘n
Sorry you wasted your breath askin.
You can just sit back and relax
Cuz it’s my life, I’m not gonna relapse.
I’ve learned my lesson
To stop obsessin
Over shit that just ain’t gonna happen
But there’s no need to fight if it’s not worth havin.
Put your fists up, step into the ring.
Not gonna quit til you let freedom sing.
Blue, white, and red.
No more crying myself to bed,
Listenin to the world outside and their boomin fireworks,
As I’m trapped inside with my silent waterworks.
Never let them see, never let them hear
Me shed a single tear.
A woman of power,
This life is mine to devour.
Put down the tranquilizer.
It’s just a sad reminder
Of what happens when you sleep
In someone else’s dreams.
Wake up to reality with a pinch,
Time to accept it for what it is.
Which reality? Take your pick.
Smack, there’s only one and that is this:
What I want is worth havin’
And I’m not gonna stop til I have it.
One battle after another, call it war.
Put the board up so we can keep score. 
Set down the label maker,
Tear up the paper.
I’m done with these labels.
Time to prove that I am able.
Write what you want, take your pick,
But only I decide which ones stick.



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