Addictive Drugs Are a Pain

Go away and say goodbye
Leave this life
Of pain and strife
Feel the noose tighten around my neck
Feel myself swing lifelessly from the balcony
The snap of my neck as I die
Jump into the freezing lake
Drown in the wake of hypothermia
Die from being run over by a car
Ride my bike out into the middle of the street
Just stand there until I meet my demise
Close my eyes and never wake up
Go to heaven and sing with god and the angels
I would be at peace finally
I wouldn't be able to cause any more damage to the family I have
No more stress for them
No more yelling
Or dying inside from frustration
If I died it would be better
Better for everyone if I meet my demise
Now I see it’s just a result of a drug I was prescribed
I was probably 5
Taken it for at least 10 year or more
I have ADHD which it treats
It is a highly addictive drug
It is categorized in drug category 2
I wanted to release myself from it
To stop my meds
I am older and should be able to control it
But I realize I can’t
I am spinning out of control
I now know I am suffering from withdraw
Caused by coming off the drug after so long
Common side effects but very costly
I am now experiencing depression
I have to make a decision
Of death or life each day
Never had that problem before
I am motivation less
Losing weight
At an alarming rate
When does it stop?
When I am dead and gone
When the summer sun has set to golden brown
Addictive drugs are a pain


Stormie Shadle

Copyright: Photo by Stormie Shadle

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