The Addiction of Life

The moment you're born, life sneaks up and grabs you.

It is powerful and willing, no one dares to withstand it.

Held in its hands you lie vulnerable and naked,

But safe? Secure? Life couldn’t handle it.


You are happy, but life doesn’t care.

It could drop in at any moment and fill you with despair.

You are held in its hands trusting and hopeful

But life could just drop you and crush you at its feet.


With desire and desperation you turn your head to addiction.

You submerge yourself in drugs and use it as self medication.


It came in a dream and now appears in your thoughts.

It finds you when you are desperate and at a loss.

It erodes the impression of who you once were to shreds.

It plots your looming downfall as addiction spreads.

It arises inside of you, a need for consumption.

It smiles knowing your knowledge of it is only an assumption.


The need so great it makes your mouth water.

The addiction planning your eventual slaughter.

The drug so overbearing that you can no longer function.

The use of this drug will only lead to dysfunction.

You are hooked from the first tentative draw.

Your lungs gasp as a long one quickly follows.

You are not strong enough to withdraw.

Your loss of breath.

Your body plotting your death.

Your guilt, your shame, all caused by meth.

Two. Two more times did you let it slowly burn down your throat and through your nose,

And from within satisfaction quickly arose.

The feeling inside you foreign and unknown,

But you feel helpless because you’re all alone.

A need taking over you. An addiction developing

It started as something you thought would be helping.

But a trap. It is a trap

It will contort you until you snap.

Drugs will eventually devour you,

But the illusion of it is easy to buy into.


You have convinced yourself that your magic is real;

That what you’re doing is all part of the appeal.

This temptation, this satisfaction, this addiction

Will soon become this weapon against you.

Drugs will cease to be something you give respect to.


As you grasp for something tangible

You realize that drugs is who’s responsible.

Help is never in drugs, and drugs never help.

What you’re feeling can not be controlled by self-help.


It’s not the temptation of addiction its the addiction of temptation

That has you going back and back for more in desperation.


Drugs are addicting, addicting are drugs

That your momentary euphoria seem to be worth it’s long-lasting effects.

What happens now is not what happens next,

Your continuos use will lead to effects.


The moment you're born, life sneaks up and grabs you.

It is powerless and apathetic, we can try to withstand it.

Held in its hands you lie protected and clothed,

But hardships? Struggles? Life can endure it.

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