Addiction of this Affliction

I haven’t written in a while,
But tonight I'll try again.

You and I have made memories,
We've created art:
Some were masterpieces, some were scrapped;
But most importantly, they were engraved in my heart.
You've lifted me, you've pulled me down: you were there when I needed you, you were there,

When nobody was around.
You mended me together-
In this homemade quilt of my heart you weaved me together using pieces of your own.

Once so happy, together in bliss,
Two young hopeful lovers shared their first kiss.
After that the rest was history, their summer love bloomed.
But as winter symbolized the end of the year: it symbolized much more to the youth-
The two young lovers soon fell apart, only one's heart remained intact .

The other, he was broken; bitter, and betrayed.
While she was hypnotized, by someone else whom she was fooled.
As time went on, her spell would be broken-
And the couple's love had once again awoken.

As they laughed and they loved- she fell hard for his soul.
Unfortunately, he suddenly let go.
Now, she finds herself alone;
Foolish in this time of affliction-
While she knows she can’t do anything, except give into this addiction.

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