The addiction

What can't I live without? While this will sound kinda funny,

I would have to say that I can't live without 

my MIND.


The doctors tried to take you away from me, 

like an orphan stripped from its mother into the system.

The other kids tried to shun you away from me

like the sinner from church.

Your brain tried to erase you 

like every time I tried to write this

poem, this letter, or whatever!


I want you.

You made me smile when I was hopeless, and painted 

prettier pictures in my head of what our life could be like together

I Crave You.

No amount of synonyms can't desribe this connection


Found me lost in the dark upon self hate 

and terror...


You are my life, my death, my light, my dark,

my love, my hate, my pride, my cowardice

my morning star, my evening sun, my eloquent affluence

my gritty assiduody. My benevalent sentiance.


and I can't live without you

I want my mind

I desire my mind

I thrive for mind 

I crave mind

I aspire mind

I require

I demand mind

oblige mind

need my mind

Yearn mind

have to have to have to have to have to have to hav to have to have to have to have

my mind.


How can this basic human concept be such a large construction

of my self being, 

I want my mind

 have so much control over me,

I need my mind

that makes me sweat just over the thought of you,

I want my

giving my soul for you to rule,

I need my

my terrible addiction to

I want my

I want I need

I want I need 

I want I need

I want I need

I want I need

I would give my life beacuse of you

I want I need my





I can't Live without my mind


And all I NEED is for someone else to tell me that I'm wrong for saying this.

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