little bottle

full of my




sing me


songs to

help me

sleep. at the

end of my tunnel of

sorrows I hear you whisper

“drink me, everything will feel

better if you just take my sinful

hand.” I know it's all lies but you

make such a compelling argument

that my  reasoning is blurred and  I

agree. you  take me dancing dipping

through my lies and spinning through    

 my worries as if im suppose to some

how be impressed by the dexterity of

your animosity. With you I fly higher

than the tree tops, but you turn on me

But inevitably you drop me and i will.

crash to the unforgiving solid ground.

you say “ your troubles will be over.“

but that when my troubles begin. You

twist my words and thoughts so they

Become like tangled snakes. You are

My poison paradise giving me allusions

 i need to make it through the restless

nights. But the morning will come

 along with my crippling consequences

and i’ll go through to my knees. But i still

come home to my only friend “addiction”


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Haylee Poole-adams

yes, I did try to make it in the shape of a bottle. 

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