Addiction how can you sentence me?
Who do you think you are? my judge ?
I got habits not leaving , Nope wont even budge ,William Malloy now that's my mom giving name , But playing with drugs soon became my game , But the real story, I hide inside , "Depression", Yes its sad , But it's all the same , You lost trust from everyone, "Lying Shame" ,Stay True , Don't really know why I'm Lost ,"Crying Lame", Yelling just leave me alone , "I'm Fine", When inside I’m slowly dying , With a laugh as fake as my tears , "I Weeped" , Im done Kensington's now yours , "You Keep" But trust my words though , Inability to move wasn't from my lack of trying ,"Wanting my Mothers love, "Her Words Denying", And Happiness wasnt always a choice , ”I'm Crying",You’re not trying hard enough whats that all about ? "Mom Shouts", You have nothing to be depressed about , "Na Mom",Just the landlord "Putting Us Out", And nobody would chose this drug life ever ,I’ve been fighting with it for years this Addiction ,"Had Several", I really wish it was that easy to beat because everyone would win , All I know is when i wanted something​ ," I Fished Out Sinned", That is my problem family , you can't help with now you see , The drug Demons in my head they never sleep ,"Leave Me Be", They never stop all I hear is their Lies , And everyone I ever loved , "Now Died", And we all feel our weight slipping away , Ribs are clapping and that empty feeling inside , ”Shits Not Ok", And all addicts know drugs suck but yet we pay , But its only to keep them demons at bay , And now Families are starting to pay more attention , But never said nothing when it was us, "So Why The Hell Mention" , And rehabs are nothing like how Insurance Co say in their reports , It's all about your clothes, your money and a Packs of Newport , See me I want out im done "WTF",Someone help me please , But It's cool you decided to do nothing but Ignore , Now this disease got me chasing it like im its "Crack Whore", this is how I lose my morals? Now drugs got me seeing double , "Plurer", And Living in Kensington has you believe this way of life is Fine , But really all you see is too many "Lost Souls" walking around blind , So many people are living secret Lives , Some inject "Their Kids" Some sell "Their Wives", Hearts are so broken "No Cast" , We need to put Addiction in our Rearview , "The Past", Cause drugs change you ,"How You Look" ," Who To Love", "When To Laugh Once a well dressed human being ,"Now Smells "No Bath" , Maybe just maybe we should stop lying saying that we're fine.” And try showing the message differently than a man ,"Begging With A Sign"

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