You pop pills 

They popped you

You drained bottles

They drained you

You lit up

They lit you

You shot up

They shot you

And now you're gone

Every part of you, not just the addict 

But the love of my life

The girl who loved the sky and had the ocean in her eyes

The girl who played me songs on late night drives and read books I loved so we had more to talk about

The girl who loved every part of me when I couldn't

And now you're gone

Laying in a casket, red eyes closed, bruised arms covered, pink cheeks pale

Everyone cries politely giving your family their condolences while I shatter

Heartbreak is an understatement

I am destroyed, dismayed, and discombobulated

Over the course of that week my heart went through so much that I pleaded my heart strings would snap and it could be over

But here I stand

The living dead

Suffering and surviving all at once

Addiction kills more than the addict



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