You’re such a dick
I can’t stand to be around you.
I can’t stand to talk to you.
I can’t even stand to look at you.

I hate you!

I used to be daddy’s little girl
But you chose to love another bitch.

Who do I see?
Not you dad,
I see her taking over.
Who do you see?
Who do you see when you look in the mirror?
Do you see your teeth decaying?
Because that’s what I see.
Do you see your healthy skin turning kind of yellowish?
Do you see those huge, ugly, black bags under your eyes?
Because that’s what I see.
Do you see yourself losing all kinds of weight?
Because that’s what I see and to be quite honest, you look fuckin’ disgusting.

She’s ruining your body and she’s ruining your mind.
But most of all, she’s almost about ruined our family.

You love her so much,
You just can’t get enough.
People come and go as they please,
The rest of us cannot sleep without ease.

Those are who you call friends?
Woah, I’d hate to see what you do with them.
Did you make it?
Did you sell it?
Or did you just smoke it?

All that time you wasted, getting high just to “get by”,
Did you ever stop to think,
“hmm, I wonder how my kids are doing in school”
No dad, no you didn’t because she was taking over everything you loved and cared about.

The anger she caused you to have was outrageous.
The domestic violence she added to your record was unnecessary.
But what hurt the most was watching the person who gave birth to me, suffer.
She raised my brother and I by herself because,
Were you there physically?
Were you there mentally?

After your high speed chase with the cops, I think that’s finally when you hit rock bottom.
Back to jail.
Halfway house.
Again, court

You’ve been clean for almost 2 years now and were getting ready to move to Greeley to be with you and we’re all really hoping you that stay clean because she made you an ugly person.

But if you’re gonna go back to her,
Instead of smoking a fistful,
You may as well use a pistol,
And if there’s one bitch I can’t stand, her name is crystal.

I love you!



Stay strong brother

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