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Dear Bottomless Bottle
See the pain you have caused
Your brown paper wrapping
Crumpled and lost

Oh, look and listen
So much pained words you hear
The feelings left behind
With one drunken kiss

Here comes your sibling
Box of Promises harboring pills
As he gets emptied
How much emptiness we feel

User and drunkard
Mourner I'll be
This mountain of hurt
Might be the end for us

Soon your brown paper wrapping
Shall become my heart
As crumpled and lost
As it will ever be

The caged bird of a soul stuck to listen
Between the gold and silver bars
The door is open yet
The bird is too scared to fly

You are the cause
Dear Bottomless Bottle
Your cracked glass
Makes the bird afraid

I pity you bottle
You will never know what you have done
The tears you have wrought
Will never be paid off

So thus I say adieu to you, Bottomless Bottle
I'm walking away and taking my cage of gold and silver
To a better place barren of fighting and yelling
And the sorrow of tomorrow

Goodbye Broken Bottle
Goodbye Box of Promises harboring pills
You kow I'll always love you
Even if you can never let it go


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