Adagio Sine Adage

A crisp winter night, marked only by the looming bell tower

And Zachary Gray, who traipsed on the wet cobble road

The ethereal moan of lamentation permeated in an hour

Where the musty atmosphere seemed to forebode


Asphyxiation seeped in like molasses

Zach surged through the masses with Macbeth's ambition

An emaciated, faceless body evanesced into ashes

The visual distorted: his father gored into submission



(deranged? no. simply a nightmare)

Manifest, evident; palpable, real to this miserable world!

but how can I replace the one...I always loved

I WILL exact (wrath) it MUST change (Revenge!)

(no consequences in the conscience)

who are you? Your conspiracy…

*nothing of your concern*

YOU JUST CONT;RO;L M;(The time has come)

please. save. my father...


“The poor lad, but who else would we indict?”

With earth interred in the sepulcher of twilight

Maelstrom from within seemed to unleash

Insanity, which through murder death did beseech


Zachary Gray was finally convicted:

Murder inflicted in the first degree

But the real victim could not even see

Disorder that surpassed insanity

“Do you have anything else to decree?”

Said the judge before the jury’s plea

“I do,” responded the loathsome boy,

“Why did I kill the man who fathered me?”

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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