Click. Selfie. What I’m wearing to school.

How did I get the clothes? Modeling, working hard.

Click. Selfie. What I’m doing at school.

Studying, friends, teachers. Create explosions and fire.

Click. Selfie. What I do at lunch.

Eat. Laugh. Study. Talk. Text.

Click. Selfie. What I do after school.

Work. Fulfill mermaid dream as life guard.

Work and Volunteer. Fulfill Friday Night Lights and coach cheer.

Volunteer.  Environmental protection, clean the Earth.

Work. Fill closet with clothes from pay check.

Work and Volunteer.  Help others.  Serve others. Customer service.

Click. Selfie.  Quiet time.

Guilty pleasures.  Pretty Little Liars. Vampire Diaries.

News.  What is the weather.  Pick out clothes for school.

Lather, rinse, repeat.



I am an active teenager who just hopes to be a good role model for those around me.

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